Welcome To Lorielle'

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. - Sir James Barrie


My Websites
Teacup Lane - My desire is that this will be an encouraging and uplifting place to visit.
Graceful Elegance - Something exciting will be happening soon with this website!
Lorielle' - The one you're visiting now. :) 
Anne Shirley (.com) - Coming soon

Special Websites
Irish Autumn - My brother's website
The Old Book Society - A new website for discussion of good books.

Favorite Links
Gibson Girls - A society for girls who love Victorian.
Devonshire Design - My favorite web graphics website.  Beautiful.
Charity's Place - Great movie reviews
Graphic Goo - An online newsletter for web graphic designers
Sense and Sensibility - Winsome patterns with an old-fashioned flair.

Lord Of The Rings Links
Angels & Elves- A Christian Lord Of The Rings website, and the best LOTR website out there, in my opinion.
Lord Of The Rings- The official Lord Of The Rings website.
Sarah Arthur- Author of Walking With Frodo

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